We asked AI to compare Chiefs legends to Star Wars characters

I am sure you all, like me, have been hearing a lot about AI (artificial intelligence) in recent months. It is becoming a big deal and the news coverage of it has been pretty inescapable. Working in digital media, part of my job is to study AI and play around with ways our company might be able to leverage the technology to make our jobs easier. It is very important stuff and we need to make sure we understand it and how it could impact what we do as writers.

Instead, however, I decided to use it to do stupid stuff like comparing Kansas City Chiefs players with Star Wars characters. I have to say, the technology is good. I used Chat GPT-4 for this little experiment and I think it actually did a damn good job making the comparisons and explaining its reasoning. I wanted to see what you Arrowhead Addicts though, though, so I am going to publish the AI’s list here. As we all wait for the NFL Draft to kick off, let’s have a little fun.

Everything that follows, save for the outro paragraph from me, was written by Chat GPT-4. See you at the end for reactions.

The Kansas City Chiefs have a rich history filled with legendary players who have left an indelible mark on the team and the NFL. In this article, we will compare eight of these Chiefs greats to iconic Star Wars characters, exploring the unique qualities that make each pairing fitting and fascinating.

Patrick Mahomes